The Rise of Smart Products with The Use of Technology in Children's Clothing

In this article, within’ the scope of Science-Technology Week, we will discuss the use of technology in the fashion sector and share technologies and smart products which are closely related to the children's clothing market with you valued manufacturers and decision makers.

Today's trends 'smart products' affect every sector as well as the fashion sector. We define smart clothing as clothing products which are developed with modern technology and high functionality. This intersection of fashion and technology also reveals many exciting possibilities.

Smart clothes that have risen in sportswear have become even more interesting and known with the integration of sportswear into everyday clothing and even formal clothing, as mentioned in our previous article. When consumers choose an outfit, they see it as a preferred reason if the product has a 'smart' feature to offer them.

How Innovative-Smart Products Became Trending?

Consumer’s orientation to organic products and the desire for a more minimalist, functional life has led many brands to pay attention to AR-GE and follow new technologies due to the increasing awareness of the environment and nature. Innovative products that emerged as a result of the studies have also become popular for consumers who care about the concepts of time, security, protect and protection. Mothers also hold an important place in this mass. Because today, mothers attach great importance to the individuality of their children, protection, safe and healthiness.

So what are these Smart Products?

The first thing that came to mind is that energy-gathering fabrics, clothes with high sweat absorption, shoes that protect the foot health and provide extra energy in activities, color-changing phosphorus clothing, digitally printed products, even clothes that buyers can produce especially with their own paint preferences, baby clothes with a thermometer..

Just as these products and many of them are reminiscent of science-fiction films seem to be the indispensable sins of our lives in the near future. This market is also expanding in children's clothing.

Smart Technology Market in Children's Clothing

The aims of the work done to create smart products in children's clothing; We can summarize it as not restricting the child's mobility, giving confidence to him and his parents, developing light clothes, maintaining body temperature, preventing sweating and maintaining foot health.

Let's take a look at the studies in this context and the technologies we will face in the future.

3D printers and printing technologies in the fashion and textile fields are very popular. This printing technique creates sandals, wristbands, different accessories, t-shirts with colorful and fun digital visuals that will appeal to children, hoodies.

As you may recall, a few seasons ago, color-changing clothes in daylight were in showcases in many countries. Nowadays, baby-children's clothes that deodorize are studied on fun children's clothes that change color when wet.

One of the most remarkable smart products in children's clothing is wearable technologies. Wearable technologies, digital clothing, include products that connect and use the digital world to the real world, allowing them to access digital content through their clothes. We are looking forward to the developments in this area, which is predicted to approach $30 billion in 2020.

Our advice to you is to closely follow the development of smart products in the children's clothing sector and new products which are the trend of our time. Remember, you can exhibit your technological and innovative products and meet new technologies by taking part in İstanbul Kids Fashion.