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Badges will be sent to our exhibitors by cargo. Our international exhibitors can get their badges by contacting the organizer on the day of installation.

Our operation team will be on the show floor at all times.Get to know them! They are available to help and assist exhibitors. If they cannot help you, they will direct you to the correct Account Representative.

There is peripheral security during the show. However, you are responsible for the security of your individual booth and its contents. We recommend that you secure your booth by hiring an overnight security guard, not leaving one-of-a-kind samples, expensive jewelry, or small items unattended at any time, carrying a detailed list of all your products, and closing off your booth at the end of each day.

Stop anyone with a Show Management badge or a security guard, and let them know the situation. They will be able to provide all you need.

Wi-Fi is free of charge in Istanbul Expo Center for all exhibitors.

The maximum height of stands has been determined as 3,66 meters for single floor stands. Exceeding the upper limit of 4,5 meters in any shape or form is dangerous and forbidden.

You can offer small caterings or non alcoholic beverages to your visitors. But exhibiting personnel cannot order food outside. There are restaurants inside to serve food & beverages to exhibitors.

You can use the free auto-park of the İstanbul Expo Center.

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