Complementary Accessories for Winter Season: Hat-Beret

Complementary accessories of the fall-winter season have always been hat-beret designs. In the upcoming fall-winter season especially products for 0-16 ages look to be special-trend-designed accessories. As the weather starts to cool down, the most popular products, hat-berets make their way on the market.

The hat and beret designs for children aged 0-16 are produced in a much wider range than the models prepared for adults, and they come to the fore with special lively colors, ornaments, and brand collaborations. In the ready-to-wear market hat-berets, which create product mobility during the winter season, are highly preferred in the export lines also. With the use of yarns and dyes in accordance with EU standards, Turkish-made hat-beret models finally succeeded to leave behind the Chinese market, and are highly favored in the domestic market as well. Hat-beret models, which can be called special products, are preferred both in personal needs and gift ranges for special occasions.

With the application of EU standards in hat-beret products that directly touches the children's skins, yarn, fabrics and dyes which are completely suitable for health are used in production. In this respect, healthy products are prepared with sustainable production lines for both domestic and foreign markets, and competition can be emphasized.

The companies that determine the customer demands in the best way both in the domestic market and the foreign market and that produce high-quality products in this way will be successful sellers also. A lucrative season is also expected in the field of hats-scarfs and even with wefts and gloves as a supplement. In the 2019-2020 autumn-winter season, health and comfort should be at the forefront as well as in the foreground. With the satisfaction of the customers, investments should be started for future seasons and trends and demands should be started.