Trend Products And Tips for Baby-Children Fashion in 2020

Seden Ünlü from the world's leading trend prediction company WGSN Turkey office in CBME Turkey shared important information at the Autumn-Winter 2020-2021 children's fashion trends seminar.

We will share the trends and predictions of the season that will affect the children’s clothing market with you valued producers and decision makers.

Here are the trends that will stand out in the 2020-2021 autumn-winter season of the kids clothing industry;

Organic and Sustainable Approach

Sustainability, is one of the most important issues we have heard in many different fields in recent years. As CBME Turkey - Istanbul Kids Fashion, it is an approach that we care about and process in our fairs. You can see the details here.

Let's talk about the fashion effect of sustainability.

With the change of consumer perceptions and habits, the life-threatening elements of nature and life in the world have mothers and children to be more conscious and selective, especially for new generations. This has to be a change in the way of life and fashion. Manufacturers and brands have also begun to pay attention to sustainability and organic products. Almost having this approach to becoming a creative children’s brand has become a must. 

That's why we want to give some tips for all producers and brands about organic and sustainability innovations that leading brands in the world have become missions and return to nature.

We have to say in the first place that this trend is going to become even more popular all over the world. Therefore, you should use organic ingredients in your products to pay attention to sustainability, be selective in label use and start avoiding plastic and developing recycling policies for your products. This will make your brand much more preferable.

Let's also give some suggestions about how fashion preferences should be after this general suggestion. One of the highlights here is: minimalist, synthetic and plastic materials are not used in the products. In these products, designs that emphasize organicness, process natural life - inspired by town life, or even carry a cowboy breeze - should be used.

Of course, when it comes to children and fashion, innovative, technological and futuristic studies are also popular. The innovative combination of tradition and modernity is among the mottos of the new season. So the theme of the future synthesized by the traces of the past. Minimalist, reflecting the patterns and colors of nature, with metallic effects, space-themed and geometric-cut products..

What about the colors?

We can also offer you some tips on the colors that will stand out in the 2020-2021 season. You should use plenty of remarkable and ambitious colors such as orange and yellow, especially in autumn and winter. Here, the metallic effect and gray color that has become a symbol of urban life should also be preferred in jeans products.

Comfort and Luxury Together

As part of the style, which we define as the 'basic' effect in the 2020-2021 fashion trends, it will be for solid colors, tracksuits, plush clothes. With one difference! These products will offer a more luxurious perception and take on a strong look. We recommend that you take this trend into account. If we give you an examples, In the new season, sports shoes under the stylish clothes, inflatable-plush coats that complement the casual clothes, fabric trousers and hoodies accompanying formal dresses will often appear.

As part of this trend, plaid jackets, especially in boys, and cargo pants in their pants preferences are at the forefront in terms of both comfortable and functional.

In shoes, thick soles and ergonomic sneakers that provide comfort are the product types to consider.