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The Registrations of 37th International Istanbul Children Baby Maternity Industry Expo Started!

The 37th International Children, Baby & Maternity Industry Expo, İstanbul Kids Fashion – for clothing and accessories is once again gathering under one roof between 9 and 12 January 2019 bringing...

Importance of Child Safety in Car

The most important issue in a car travel is the child safety and comfort at the back seat for sure. First of all, to ensure that your child is safe, you have to know the details of child security in...

Great Support to Exhibitors of CBME Turkey from Turkish Ministry of Trade!

Great Support to Exhibitors of CBME Turkey – 36th International İstanbul Children Baby and Maternity Industry Expo from Turkish Ministry of Trade! The 36th International Istanbul Children Baby...
father and son standing together

Father-Son Matching Outfits

Mothers have the desire to dress their daughters in matching outfits. That is really cute and inspiring. But what about dads and the sons? They can get dressed in matching lovely pieces too. Most of...
textile children fahsion display

Recent Competition in Textile Industry

The largest contribution to the national economy of Turkey is provided by the textile and apparel sector. There is a real vicious cycle in the textile sector because of accelerating costs, research-...
Children Textile

Top 5 Fabrics of Children’s Textiles in SS19

Children's textile is prepared according to the trends of the present fashion world. Parents choose the children’s clothes, so they also prefer their trends. Quality fabrics are preferred because our...
evening dress child girl

Formal Dress for Children

Children's formal dresses are especially made for little boys and girls for special events, they all get ready with pleasure and joy, the memories stay forever. Formal evening dresses for children...
Baby Clothes

Washing Baby Clothes

Washing baby clothes will always be your very daily routine when you enter the house with a little baby in your arms. All the basics from your regular laundry care will also apply to wash your baby’s...

CBME Turkey, İstanbul Kids Fashion at Child and Junior Fashion!

Our CBME Turkey, İstanbul Kids Fashion team met 12.000 visitors and 330 exhibitors from all around the world at Child and Junior Fashion between 25-28 September 2018, in Moscow, Russia!
Children's Room Decoration

How to Decorate a Child's Room with Textiles

Textiles can make a room look too serious or make an imaginative touch and make it look so cute. That is how the textiles differ from how you place them. Maybe that’s why we love discovering all...
Children Winter Autumn

How to Dress a Toddler for the Cold Weather

Toddler winter clothes should both keep your little child warm and flexible for movement and activity. A child is always mobile, so needs to be able to move easily. Toddler always have extra energy...
Monna Rosa logo

Our CBME Turkey | İstanbul Kids Fashion Exhibitor Monna Rosa Milano

MONNA ROSA MILANO® is a global brand in baby and children’s clothing industry with its over 30 years of experience. Garments are designed and produced for 0-10 years of children within the company...