Materials Used In Baby Clothes And Importance Of Them


From the moment of birth, our baby needs to be protected from all kinds of harmful substances. Parents need to be very careful about their baby. We need to pay attention to every detail from additional foods to clothes that our babies wear from the toys they play to diapers that they use. In particular, their clothing, which is in contact with their skin throughout the day, is as important as what they eat. So there are a lot of things we need to be aware of when buying baby clothes.

Baby clothes like every garment are also undergoing certain procedures. The effects of these processes on the skin are different and vary depending on the structure of the skin. When we buy baby clothes, we first need to stick to the label. The ethical content and warnings give us clues about the suitability and use of baby clothes.

The preference of baby clothes made with ecological products should take the first place. Consumer products made from natural materials are of great importance for the health of both us and our babies. For this reason, baby clothes need to be made from natural yarns and fabrics. Parents should definitely keep their children away from baby clothes that are produced by synthetic products. Wherever possible, bamboo, soy or corn fabrics should be considered.

It is important that baby's clothes have not undergone any treatment for the cotton which is woven in the clothes of the baby, in order to keep our baby away from allergens and all other disturbing factors. Baby clothes without chemicals; make them more comfortable, healthier and happier. In addition, cotton baby clothes make them more comfortable due to their softness. The dyeing of yarns is another factor. Baby clothes woven with yarn dyed in the paint boilers brought to the square by natural means are undoubtedly healthier and care must be taken to ensure that they are not exposed to such non-chemical processes when bought.

In addition to the materials used, the processes applied to the product in terms of quality and textile are also very important with the influence of industrialization. From the beginning of the production phase to the end, baby clothes should be displayed with special care. Those that have undergone as little processing as possible should be taken. Apre process is a very important issue at this point. According to the Turkish Language Association, "aprican" means "to polish the fabric or deep" meaning to use in baby clothes; the hold of the product is to improve and change its appearance. Apre applications with a large number of varieties need to be activated as little as possible in baby clothes.

In addition, chemical substances are used in dry cleaning applications. From here it should be understood that baby clothes should not be given to dry cleaning; Because the application of "perc" is completely carcinogenic.

Labels on the inside of baby clothes contain instructions for use of the product. If you follow this guideline, your baby will move more comfortably and grow healthily. In the tags; Baby clothes, washing grade, iron setting, suitability for dry cleaning, use of bleach or bleach are listed. If the parents move in line with these suggestions, the baby clothes will be used for a longer time and become more hygienic. In our everyday life, as much as we care to make our lives as healthy as possible with our products and supplies, we also apply the same order for our children who are part of our lives; even in some cases we need pay more attention. Thus, we will develop a healthy individual and prepare a healthier society for the future.


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