Exhibitor F.A.Q

When can I start my preperations at the exhibition area?

Instalments will be started 24th of July 10:00 am and will be completed 26th of July at 17:00 pm just as mentioned at the ‘Timesheet’ section of the Technical Exhibitor Manual. Product placements will be started at 17:00 pm and stands must be ready at 22:00 pm on 26th of July. Exhibitors can start to present their products before 17:00 pm.  But because of the dust related to the ongoing maintenance it is not recommended by the organiser. Exhibitors will notified in case of changes may occur at the entrance date.

What should be the maximum stand hight ?

The maximum height of stands has been determined as 3,66 meters for single floor stands and 4,5 meters for two-tier stands. Exceeding the upper limit of 4,5 meters in any shape or form is dangerous and forbidden.

How can I rent equipments (desks,chairs,shelves etc) before the fair or on site ?  

Fill Form 1 and Form 2 for your additional equipment needs http://www.istanbulkidsfashion.com/en/exhibitors/technical-download-center

After you fill the documents please contact with you sales representative. You can order also onsite the fair for your additional needs.

How to rent a Wifi?

Wi-Fi is free of charge in Istanbul Fair Center for all exhibitors .

How will the stand flooring be like?

Istanbul Fair Center has a  concrete flooring.  Exhibitors whom acquire empty spaces ( raw space )  can do flooring depending on their concepts (Podium,parquet,rugs etc.) Exhibitors  whom acquire standard stands package will be floored with rugs.

Can I do any changes on the standart stands?

Exhibitors are eligible to pay the fines for any harm they do the rented space and rented stand and stand materials. It is forbidden to perforating, nailing to the floor, columns and fair ground or to damage the surrounding with adhesives  and due to painting, or collisions to the walls and columns with freight vehicles, nailing, cutting, painting or using a adhesive other than double sided tapes to the rented stalls.

Is there any place to rent a LCD TV?

Fill Form 2 for your LCD TV need  http://www.istanbulkidsfashion.com/en/exhibitors/technical-download-center. After you fill the documents please contact with you sales representative.

What should I do about electricity cabling ?

The electricity is paid by the organization . The electricity cabling is paid by the exhibitor and it is calculated as for each 10sqm = 1 KW  ( min.3 KW is taken for stands lower than 29sqm )

1KW = 25 € + Vat

This calculation is done approximately during the agreement. After the stand project , the stand constructor informs the operation team for the exact electricity KW needs. Then the extra needed KW is taken from the exhibitor again.

How many spot lighting I have in my standart stand ?

For lighting, 100 W spotlights are connected to the ceiling joists every three m². A triple-pin plug monophase, 220 V, 50 Hz, 1 kW) is provided for each stand.

Can I  give small caterings to my visitors?

You can offer small caterings or non alcoholic beverages to your visitors. But exhibiting personnel cannot order food outside. There are restaurants inside to serve food & beverages to exhibitors.

Where will I get my badges ?

Exhibitors can only request badges for the partners and employees of the company exhibiting in the exhibition. Badges should not be requested for dealers, who can enter the exhibition as visitors.

FORM 4 should be used with a maximum 18 character for each company or brand and the responsible persons name .

Each exhibitor can get the following number of badges according .to square meter;

12sqm                                  4 

12-25 sqm                          6

25-50 sqm                          8

51-90 sqm                          12

91 and more sqm            15

All international exhibitors badges will be distributed on the entrance Hall9-10 on 26.07.2016 after 17:00.

Additional exhibitor badges can be organised in the entrance with a 20TL charge.

Can I hold events in my stall?

The undertaking of flashy, action-packed, dynamic advertising inside or outside the stand area is only possible with the express permission of the organizer.

Advertising activities that will be performed as part of the stand Project must be relayed to the Organizer’s Marketing Department as part of the Project Authorization process along with the possibility of using in exhibition promotions and press releases. The activities should not lead to a gathering of visitors in the

halls and corridors.

Can I broadcast music in my stand?

Exhibitors are eligible to ask permission from the organizer about the audible events which they are going to hold during the exhibition. If accepted the speakers will be positioned to face inside the stall and the environment must not be disturbed. Audio events must the terminated in case of any exhibitors call of disturbance.     

Can I join the fair with another brand?

You can attend the fair with another brand. But this has to be notified to Organizer and added to your contract. There will be no permission to the promotion of other brands except whose names are listed with their contracts.

How will be my information be on the fair catalogue?  Can I advertise on it?

Exhibitor should fill the Catalogue Information Form – Form 3 and send it to the related sales personnel or to the info@istanbulkidsfashion.com Contract details will be used for the brands whom did not send the Catalogue Information Form on time.

For additional special advertising please contact with your sales represantative.

Can I give away brochures, business cards etc. outside my stand?

Any promotion outside your stand is strictly forbidden.

How do you secure the perimeter of the area?

During the installment of the fair, the fair and extraction from the fair the exhibitor is responsible of any lost or damaged property. During the fair days after the visitors had left the Organizer  is responsible of the security.

How will the extraction of goods  from the fair area ?

The fair will closed on 30 July 2016  at 16:30 .Dismantling and packaging of exhibited materials is not allowed before the closing of the fair.

The Organizer is not liable for the loss/damage to goods from the close of the final day of the fair onwards.

Construction companies are obligated to finish the teardown work on stands according to the timetable set forth in the Exhibitor Manual and return the stand space to the Organizer empty and clean.

How is the auto-park service provided?

You can use the free auto-park of the Istanbul Fair Center.